TBR SAILS Math Newsletter

Please read the article from the TBR SAILS Math Newsletter about one of our students.

"Oliver Springs Senior Class President Kylee Alcorn is showing her self-motivation skills through her efforts in completing SAILS Statistics. She is ahead of the pace that was set by her teacher, Ms. Peggy Claiborne. Kylee says what she likes most about SAILS Statistics is that she has a teacher who motivates and helps her understand the material even though it is challenging at times.

In her spare time, Kylee has an adventurous life. She likes to ride bikes, go 4-wheeling, go to the movies, and visit the zoo. After graduating, Kylee plans to further her education at TCAT Knoxville. She wants to pursue her dream of becoming a dental assistant and would like to work for an orthodontist upon completion of her education. Her dream of working for an orthodontist came after she went through the process of having braces.

SAILS Statistics Teacher Ms. Peggy Claiborne has had the privilege of teaching Kylee all four years of her high school career. She shared that “Kylee is responsible, has goals, and has been an active student throughout high school”

Kylee, we are super proud of the drive and determination that you have shown while at Oliver Springs High School! With your qualities, you will be successful in whatever you pursue."