On March 7, TSBA hosted the 2023 Student Congress on Policies in Education (SCOPE)conference, which brings together 9th-12th grade students from across the state to discuss current topics in education. Participants explored education issues through mock school board meetings and group discussions. At the end of the day, participants meet as a congress where student leader debated on one of the day’s topics. This event is designed to give students an understanding of how school boards operate. Students expressed their opinions by voting on position statements involving the debated issues. The following students represented Roane County Schools:

Oliver Springs High School - Nicole Gann & Brady Moss

Roane County High School - Brylee Crouse & Kain Ladd

Harriman High School - Even Chen & Shannon Huff

Rockwood High School - Kaytlynn Coffey & Ryan Woody

Midway High School - Shelby Bacon & Brinley Basham