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Community Resources

Roane County Schools actively encourages strong community involvement in all schools.  Visit the links in our Community Resources section which are beneficial for community members, stakeholders, and all website visitors.

Parent Resources

Parents play a major role in their child's education.  Please view our Parent Resources section for links and other information for parents and guardians.

Student Resources

Roane County Schools provides a high quality instructional program for all students.  Support learning at home with resources in the Student Resources section.  Plan for college, receive homework help, and continue your educational experience when you are not at school. 

Teacher Resources

Roane County Schools secures the highest quality teachers and administrators possible.  Please use the resources in the Teacher Resources section to enhance your instruction and find useful tools that can be integrated into your classroom.

Curriculum Standards

Common Core Standards and Tennessee Curriculum Standards provide a clear set of guidelines as to what students are expected to learn in each grade level.  Please find the Common Core State Standards and the Tennessee Curriculum Standards in our Curriculum Standards section.