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Coordinated School Health Program

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Tennessee leads the nation by providing a state-funded Coordinated School Health (CSH) initiative in every school district. A full time CSH Coordinator ensures a systematic approach is implemented to create and sustain healthy school environments so students can receive the support needed to make healthy choices.

CSH encourages healthy lifestyles, provides needed supports to at-risk students, and helps reduce the prevalence of health related problems that impair academic success.

Mike Barber

Mike Barber

Coordinated School Health

(865) 882-3700 ext. 1910



  • Improve the health and academic status of all Tennessee students.

  • Build and maintain state and local partnerships to address school health priorities.

  • Create an understanding about the relationship between health and academics.

  • Maximize resources and avoid duplication of services through effective coordination and communication.

  • Utilize data to develop and maintain school health priorities.

Eight Components of a Coordinated School Health Program

  • Comprehensive School Health Education (grades K-12)

  • Physical Education and Activity

  • Nutrition Services

  • School Health Services

  • School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

  • Healthy and Safe School Environment

  • Student, Family and Community Involvement in Schools

  • Family and Community Involvement

Benefits of Coordinated School Health Initiative

  • Improved nurse to student ratio

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased physical education/activity

  • Increased access to health care service

  • Students are better informed for making healthy decisions for life