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RCS 1:World Initiative

Our district began implementation of a 1:1 initiative in the fall of 2017.  Titled "1:World", our hope is to connect students with resources beyond what can be provided in the classroom.  Through use of online resources, Google applications, and increased collaboration with peers and teachers, students will increase knowledge, apply technology to daily learning, and deepen understanding of educational standards across the curriculum.
The Roane County Schools Board of Education approved a plan to supply 6th and 9th grade students with Chromebooks at the beginning of each school year.  Students receive the device, charger, and a protective case to be carried throughout the school day and home, if the school allows.  The Chromebook will travel with the student throughout their middle school years, then they will receive a different Chromebook for their high school career.  With the help of the Roane Alliance and Mr. Allen Lutz, we have a list of wifi partners throughout the county who will allow our students to use their wireless access for academic purposes.