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Message from the Coordinator of Attendance

It has been said that ninety percent of success is, "showing up". Certainly, very little can be accomplished in any endeavor unless one is present to complete the task at hand. Learning is definitely no exception. In fact, of all the studies that have been done to determine what is effective in education, the number one predictor of success is "time on task".

With that in mind, let me encourage you to provide a basis of support for your children that will enable them to be in school as often as possible. The following are some practical provisions that can go a long way toward helping your children have very rewarding experiences in school:

1.  Know the school calendar so that you do not plan family trips or activities on school days.
2.  Be sure the school can easily contact you at all times during the school day.
3.  Keep all lines of communication open between you, your children and school officials.
4.  Help your children develop a daily routine that includes a consistent, designated bedtime.
5.  Be sure that you and your children are familiar with and follow the rules contained in the Student Handbook. Those pertaining to attendance are designed to minimize un-necessary absences, as well as, limit the adverse effects of unavoidable absences.
Roane County School Board Policy numbers 3.02 through 3.07 pertain to attendance and can be found in the Roane County Board of Education Policy Manual. They contain information regarding the following:

1.  Parent and Student Responsibilities
2.  School Tardiness
3.  Release During School Hours
4.  Incentive Programs
5.  Compulsory Attendance Ages
6.  School Admissions
7.  Out of District/Out of County Students
8.  Withdrawals/Transfers

For further information or specific inquiries pertaining to attendance, contact:

Jody McLoud, Coordinator of Attendance
Roane County School System
Ph. 865-376-5592 ext. 1111
E-mail Address -