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Professional Development

Our school district offers ongoing professional development opportunities for all staff members.  Opportunities are shared on our district calendar; please visit to view workshops and webinars.
Roane County Schools staff members may access online opportunities through the "RCS Instructional Resources" Google Classroom.  
Types of Professional Development

(all information from the TN DoE website)
Professional Development Points
Educator Licensure Policy 5.502 describes the use of professional development points (PDPs) for educator licensure advancement or renewal. Once educators staffed in Tennessee school districts enter their PDPs into TNCompass, appropriate district staff approve or deny PDPs based on state guidelines.

To earn PDPs, an activity must be related to improving educator effectiveness by:

  1. developing content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, or pedagogical content knowledge;
  2. enhancing educator effectiveness (e.g., world language courses for those working with students for whom English is a second language, or coursework that supports understanding and use of data); or
  3. developing competency in student social and emotional health and well-being.
Yes, you can receive PDPs while attending learning activities for which you receive compensation as long as the activities are related to improving your effectiveness as an educator.

Can I earn PDPs while attending activities that are part of my required 30 hours of in-service per contract year?

Yes. If the topic of the in-service is related to improving educator effectiveness and if approved by your district, these in-service hours may be used for PDPs.

Can I receive PDPs for presenting at a conference or other learning event?

No. Time spent presenting at a conference, at school or district in-services, or other learning events cannot be used to earn PDPs.

How may PDPs do I need to advance to a professional license?

To advance to a professional license, educators must have


Educators may apply to advance the license as soon as requirements are met.

(per RCS Professional Handbook)
In-service education is a program of planned activities designed to increase the competencies needed by all personnel in the performance of their responsibilities. Competencies are defined as the knowledge, skills and attitudes, which enable personnel to perform their tasks with maximum effectiveness. In-service credit shall not be given for performing duties which are required as part of regular teaching assignments. In-service hours may not be used as Professional Development hours, nor can they be chosen for Professional Development points. Differentiated pay hours cannot count as Professional Development hours. All professional employees are required to complete a total of thirty (30) hours of in-service training each year.
Per Tony Clower