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High School Project Information

High School Building Program Update 03-28-2018
The Roane County Board of Education and Roane County Commission met at Roane State Community College on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.  The meeting began at 5:30 PM with a presentation from Dr. Watkins and the Lewis Group; proposed plans were shared which included construction of a new high school to combine Harriman, Kingston, and Rockwood high schools.  The fly-over video linked below shows the design and layout of the potential school.  All live videos from the event are shared on our district Facebook page.
High School Building Program Update 03-16-2018
A "Joint Work Session" will be held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, between the Roane County Board of Education and Roane County Commission for the purpose of discussing the proposed plan for the Roane County Schools Building Program and Re-Use Plan. A "Special Called Meeting" will be held following the work session. The work session will begin at 5:30 PM at the Roane State Community College O'Brien Theatre.

For all updates regarding the schedule of School Board events, please visit our district website "Board Meeting" calendar, which is linked below for your convenience.
High School Building Program Update 06-27-2017

In this post, you will find the Kick-off presentation for the Roane County School System Advisory Committee. Within this document you will see some information around potential organization and some information shared with the committee around the changing landscape of education. Further, you will see a TENTATIVE schedule of the process. This schedule represents a draft schedule but does not necessarily reflect the process in entirety nor is the schedule finalized.

Thank you to all those able to participate in the Focus Group Meetings. Your feedback is essential to designing a program to continue to increase opportunities for our students. The attached document includes information received from these groups.

RCSS Advisory Committee Kick-Off Presentation

Tentative Milestone Schedule

Focus Group Meetings Worksheets

High School Building Program Update 06-21-2017

High School Study

In the documents linked below, you will see the curriculum offerings of RCSS high schools and information regarding surrounding counties. Further, in the second attachment you will see the operational costs for the existing high schools as well as the anticipated costs of the new high school.

Information regarding potential course offerings and information regarding collaboration with Roane State and TCAT are yet to come. We are currently in the process of compiling the work from our public input sessions and focus groups to develop the proposed program and courses of study.

MasterPlan Study -
Scenarios/Operational Costs -

Community Meeting Results
The information included in the following document represents the work of over 100 of our community members including community and workforce, educators, parents, and students as we began the visioning process for the new high school.

Link to Document -

Updated Visioning Dates and Process Work for Visioning 2017

As we begin thinking about what the new High School could include, here are some images to begin considering as the public input sessions begin. Your input is needed! Please review the extended schedule of public input sessions and bring ideas on how we can continue to grow the high school offerings at the high school level.

Each of the following input sessions will be come and go. Please join us to review images and to share your ideas as the curriculum and program are developed.

Wed June 14
11:00 am - 1:00 pm Public Input Session at Roane County Transportation Classroom

Thu June 15
11:00 am - 1:00 pm Public Input Session at Roane County Transportation Classroom
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Public Input Session at Roane County Transportation Classroom

Fri June 16
11:00 am - 1:00 pm Public Input Session at Roane County Transportation Classroom

Mon June 19
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Public Input Session at Harriman High School

Tue June 20
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Public Input Session at Rockwood High School

Thu June 22
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Public Input Session at Roane County High School

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, approximately 100 members of the Roane County community came together for three hours of structured conversation about their hopes and vision for Roane County Schools and its students. The discussions, which were held at Roane State Community College, were structured with the use of intentional seating and design across eleven tables. At each table, educators, elected officials, community members, parents, business leaders, and students were represented and came together to share their ideas for the future in a conversation guided by three questions:

1. How can Roane County Schools help its students gain mastery of the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s world?

2. How can Roane County Schools ensure programs with partners such as TCAT and Roane State are available and accessible to all interested students?

3. Dream Big: How would you imagine high school in Roane County?

The discussion at each table was guided by a professionally-trained facilitator, and another member of the table served as the recorder to take notes on the group’s key talking points. At the end of the event, all data was given to a neutral third party – an educational researcher employed by the University of Tennessee who organized the data and extracted major themes and ideas generated in these conversations.

The Roane County Schools High School Visioning Panel met on September 22, 2016, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Roane County High School Auditorium. Below are updates from that meeting.

Why are we here and what does the future of Roane County Schools look like?

Future developments and opportunities
Identify ways of meeting future needs in the county
Deliberate planning for the economic future
Expanding on current practices to advance and compete
Align goals and resources throughout the county

What should high schools do to prepare students for their futures? What skills do students need entering the workforce?

Skills students need include: reading, writing, critical thinking, verbal comprehension, communication skills, ability to offer solutions to problems, attention to detail, pride/value in work, soft skills (e.g., time management), budgeting skills, computer/technical skills, workplace skills, and interpersonal skills
It is important that students are able to transfer knowledge from the classroom to the work environment
Schools should prepare students for the job market and the “real world”
Students need to be prepared to go to the next level
Students also need a solid baseline of knowledge to prepare for the path of their choice
Preparing students for success needs to begin as early as possible
Roane County students should be competitive for area jobs
Schools should provide opportunities for students to explore options and visit different types of jobs/possible career paths
Students need to feel invested or connected to their institution
Ideally, Roane County students would have “other” opportunities that extend beyond academics
Students need to develop endurance and commitment to their work
Schools should assist students in career exploration

Business and Industry: students need communication skills, confidence, and problem solving abilities, greater understanding of reports, math skills (all levels)… @ ORNL, there is a need for mechanical skills

TCATS & Education: Tennessee Promise, dual enrollment have been instrumental in increasing student quality. Delivering the technical education to where the student is has been increasingly important. @ Roane State, students need familiarity in the online learning environment (e.g. uploading and moving documents online, understanding plagiarism, awareness of social media impact, familiarity with electronic learning devices and educational technology). Students need critical thinking skills and problem solving ability. Roane State’s most successful students arrive with academic preparedness, communicate well, feel invested and connected, are motivated to show up to class, and persevere.

Additional Remarks:

-Possible partnerships with Roane County Schools: dual enrollment, middle colleges are just the beginning. There are many additional opportunities to explore

-Education is the pipeline to filling competitive jobs in the area. Employers want competency and the ability to do the particular skills of the available jobs in the area.

-In rural areas, potential employers want to know about the local population and, specifically, about the numbers of certificates and college degrees. They also ask about the health of the community, and Tennessee is ranked 46th and 47th nationally for overall health and obesity, respectively.

-From a state perspective, it is necessary to identify “proof points” of what employers are looking for. These can be measured by work learning experiences, dual enrollment, workplace learning, and capstone experiences

· 90% of schools in Tennessee offer some dual enrollment credit

· 40% of students take advantage of these opportunities

· 20% of students actually complete the course with college credit

-Most students are unable to fund dual enrollment opportunities on their own, but legislation will be introduced again during the next legislative session to address this issue.

-What does it take to prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens who participate in their communities? This is a topic in need of further discussion, but the state of TN is already thinking about this. In fact, the state definition of academic preparedness will include civic engagement.

-Across industries, there is a need for responsible and prepared employees, and this must begin as early as possible in the school system.

-There is also a need for career counseling in the state, and students need to experience this prior to entry into a career or post-secondary educational program --> Explore Careers at a Glance --> Occupation profile (then select career category, then selection, then state)

-The Roane Alliance and Knoxville Chamber are the only economic development organizations who have incorporated education components. It is likely that, due to the fact that many school guidance counselors are unable to assist with career counseling, economic development organizations will incorporate this kind of service

-Roane County Schools has a considerable number of students with learning disabilities, and there is an interest in exploring opportunities for them as well. Additionally, there are students who perform above average. There is a clear need and priority for serving students at all levels

-Another important consideration will be finding the balance of preparing students as needed, but also providing them with future options as they grow and develop.

In addition to the excellent things currently going on in Roane County High Schools, what would you like our high schools to be able to do for our students? Are there additional offerings you would like to see? Please visit the following link to provide your feedback.