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Roane County School District

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District Supervisors and Staff

Dr. LaDonna McFall
Director of Schools
Mr. Keevin Woody
Assistant Director for Elementary Education
Pre-K Coordinator
Federal Programs Director
Mr. Tony Clower
Assistant Director for Middle School Education
County-Wide Athletic Director
SWPBS Coach and SWIS Facilitator
TNCompass Configurator
Mr. Russell Jenkins
Assistant Director for Secondary Education
School Safety Coordinator
Testing Coordinator
GAP and ESL Coordinator
Title II and Extended Contract Coordinator
Ms. Marti Spark
Special Education Supervisor
Mrs. Megan Adams
School Nutrition Coordinator
Mr. Eric Harbin
Director of Finance
Mr. Derek Henderson Transportation Supervisor
Mr. Shannon Kamer Technology Supervisor
Mr. Lee Maines Maintenance Supervisory
Mr. Jody McLoud
Attendance Coordinator
Human Resources Coordinator
Title VI/IX Coordinator
Coordinator of Nurses
Ms. Anita Moore Data Management Specialist
Ms. Shelia Sitzlar Data Coordinator
Ms. Nancy Wilson Science Materials Supervisor