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 Outcome of SWPBS

  • Increased instructional time
  • Improved staff and student attendance
  • Increased student proficiency
  • Increased parent participation and partnerships
  • Improved community involvement and support
  • Decrease in staff turnover

Demonstration SWPBS Schools in Roane County

  • Bowers Elementary School
  • Cherokee Middle School
  • Harriman Middle School
  • Kingston Elementary School
  • Midtown Elementary School
  • Midway Middle School
  • Midway High School
  • Ridge View Elementary School
  • Rockwood High School

Teaching and Prevention VS. Controlling Disruption and/or Excluding Misbehaving Students


For more information or to make contributions to incentive fund for a school, please contact:  Jody McLoud 865-376-5592, Ext. 1111 or Tony Clower at 865-376-5592, Ext 1134.